In the world of retirement plans, only one thing seems certain: CHANGE is constant. Over the last decade, Congress has burdened plan sponsors with an overwhelming volume of legislation, making continual review of retirement plans essential. It is critical that the legal, plan design and compliance aspects of a plan are current.’s goal is to help Improve 401k plan performance while focusing on 401k plan design and compliance.

While legislation dictates uniformity for certain plan features, recent changes in law are aimed at increasing employee participation and restoring some of the incentives and benefits previously lost by plan sponsors. will assist you in reviewing the design and operational features of your company’s plan, from an objective perspective, focusing on:

  • Increased employee deferral limits and employee tax credit incentives
  • Increased employer plan contribution deduction limits
  • The relationship between loan incidence and plan participation
  • Tiered and Age-Weighted discretionary contribution formulas
  • Online participant access for account balance inquiry and changes
  • Key personnel Internet access to plan and participant data
  • Paperless enrollment
  • Electronic transmittal of payroll, loan and distribution transactions
  • Automatic enrollment/negative election
  • Controlled Group plan set-up and design alternatives
  • Optimum frequency and educational content of employee communications
  • Complying with 404(c) investment guidelines and requirements
  • Management of the conversion/transition process

The Services we provide are offered in conjunction with the companies that administer 401(k) Plans. In acting as your first point of service contact we are able to make the administration of your plan easier and less time consuming. We can improve your overall 401(k) plan performance by reviewing your current 401(k) plan investment menu and making fund changes as necessary. We benchmark your plan against other similar size plans to insure your plan fees and fund expenses are not higher than the market average. To improve 401k plan performance, please visit Ready to Improve your plan below to learn more about our how can Improve 401(k) plan performance.

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